ISIS is the very first album from Anukai Arun, a lady who is dedicated to singing in her intuitive soul language. Together with the music from Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral her voice is to bring you back on track to yourself. It seems to open a room to meet your inner core, to find what you are looking for. These tracks are your connection to the universe. As the Egyptian goddess ISIS, Anukai Arun crosses the bridge to light and everything beyond.


CD Isis

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  • ISIS is the very first album that debuts Anukai Arun and her unique way of singing. She opens herself to the music and inspires with her own intuitive soul-language. It puts the mind at ease, touches the heart, and lets your imagination tell stories. The myriad of nuances of Tanja’s voice resembles a prism that disperses light into its rays, thereby creating the purest and most beautiful form of expression.

    Like the goddess in the Egyptian mythology her voice is the connection to Hades. It is like opening a room within one’s core that invites to go deep within to find what you have been seeking. She creates a connection between the audience and the universe – a place where one can meet the purest form of self.

    If the voice is the connection, the music is the stargate. Composed by Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral. The sounds come in on a continuous basis like a wave, but turning slightly and moving forward on a spiral. The smooth rhythms of guitars, strings, and pianos are like the pillows that hold your head, the coats that keep you warm. Even though the tracks do not sound like new age they feel like it. Heart touching, soul opening. The music by Andy And Wolfgang sets the emotional tone and prepares the audience for the wonderful voice of Anukai Arun.

    ISIS features is a great opener for the stunning voice of Anukai Arun and a unique collection of stories beyond countries and languages. Relax, sit down and enjoy a fantastic journey towards yourself.


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